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       I'm William Eleazer, and this is my personal website. I've had several different careers (military, teaching, and legal), thoroughly enjoying them all, and my latest, as an author, is no exception. It's  challenging, satisfying, and fun (well, a bit of fun, but a lot of hard work along the way). 

       My novels are about the law, especially criminal law—crimes and criminal trials, witnesses, prosecutors, trial judges, criminal defense attorneys (some good and some downright evil), investigators, deputies, bailiffs, law students, law schools, law professors, and much more. I take you into the courtroom so you can see up close the majesty of the law as well as its pitfalls. The characters are fictitious, but the court procedure and evidence rulings are authentic (I've taught evidence and trial procedure in law school and have spent years in the courtroom, and I'm careful to get it all accurate, well-aware that my lawyer friends will be reading with sharp eyes!). The courtroom scenes are realistic—with  all the excitement, tension, and intrigue you'll find in the most notorious criminal trials in the nation. And it all takes place in my favorite city, Savannah, Georgia. If you love legal thrillers, you'll love Savannah Law, The Indictments, and my most recent novel, The Two-Witness Rule. And if you love Savannah, you are in for a special treat as the colorful characters come alive in this beautiful city! Enjoy!

The 2016 Amelia Island Book Festival will be held February 20, 2016. I will be there with discounts on all three novels --- SAVANNAH LAW, THE INDICTMENTS, and THE TWO-WITNESS RULE. If you are anywhere Amelia Island on that date I hope you will stop by and introduce yourself.  I'll have discount prices that will make it worth your time!



 Ebook discount for SAVANNAH LAW coming for your Kindle or other reader beginning January 14, 2016, ending January 21, 2016. Download SAVANNAH LAW  for only 99 cents. Just check in during those dates on Amaczon.com.



First Trip to Savannah?

Check this website for what makes it unique:




When established in 1733, two things were banned:

#1 Rum (considered "unwholesome")

#2 Lawyers (too litigious).  Fortunately, the ban on lawyers was soon lifted; had it remained, Savannah Law, The Indictments, and The Two-Witness Rule could not have been written (how depressing to consider!) And if the ban on rum had remained, we wouldn't have Churchill's Pub for celebrations (even more depressing!)



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I appreciate hearing from readers. Please don't hesitate to contact me at wreleazer@verizon.net.



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