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Savannah Law

Can't wait for his next one!

Character development and riveting plot kept me turning the pages. Twists and turns left me wondering what would happen next. Surprised to discover it was the authors first novel. I look forward to the next one. I am a big fan of the legal thriller genre and this rated right up there with the best of them. By F. Schaub "F. Schaub" (@ Amazon, April 30, 2010)


Eleazer gives a realistic look inside law schools and courtrooms

 "This is the best book written about law schools in a very long time. Eleazer's description of life in a law school, from faculty meetings, to student life, to administration is authentic and extremely enjoyable. The author calls on his experience in legal education and law practice to create a great story." Richard Gershon (Professor of Law and Founding Dean, Charleston School of Law (@ Amazon.com, Jan. 10, 2010) 


Great read, felt like I was there, loved the Legal insights

 I rate a book based on my enjoyment factor and that is why I gave it a 5 star. Interesting characters, great behind the scene looks into the Law and our court system, some drama/suspense/twists etc.. I wish I was still reading. By Aragon Coach "Grappler," San Mateo California (@ Amazon.com, January 4, 2010)

Three cheers for The Indictments as William Eleazer does it again!

The setting remains the same as his first 5-star novel, Savannah Law, as Scott and Jennifer return as a team and so does Scott's nemesis Max Gordon. The author adds one unforgettable new character as well: Jessica, a shapely new coed, who assists Scott and completely mesmerizes the reader with her actions and attire. No spoiler alert needed here.

Great dialogue, beautiful descriptions and an easy to follow story line mean another bedtime read that I could not put down. I enjoyed every page and I can only hope for more novels with Savannah as the backdrop.

By Sam Hendricks, author Fantasy Football Guidebook and Fantasy Baseball for Beginners, January 25, 2013.


He Brings His Stories to Life

With his believable characters, accurate descriptions, smooth transitions and true-to-life plot, this book is hard to put down. Eleazer has a talent for bringing his novels alive; the reader becomes immersed in the story, likes (or dislikes) the various characters, wants to help solve the problems--because the story, and the characters, become so real. We root for the good guys--but don't always know at first who the bad guys are!

In addition to his natural story-telling talent, and his readable and believable natural ability for putting the stories in print, Eleazer has the advantage of having lived the lives of many of his characters, including law professor, prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. Thumbs up for both of his novels! I'm looking forward to the next one! By La Vaughn Kemnow, Oregon, USA (@Amazon.com, January 5, 2013)


Legal Thriller You Won't Want To Put Down

In his first book, Eleazer shows his knowledge of law school; in "The Indictments" Eleazer shows his knowledge of the courts, the law, and the many ethical decisions lawyers face. This is not an expose of big, bad law firms a la John Grisham, though the novel does reveal some of the internal ethical struggles of an individual. The action takes place in the District Attorney's office, not a law firm. The suspense is in the outcome of the trial as well as the "Who dunnit?" and there are enough twists to keep you captivated. Once again, a case turns on a lawyer asking the witness one too many questions. Heroes, villains, good old boys; law school interns and old school attorneys; some to love and some to hate. Start reading now - and hope that Eleazer is already at work on his third novel.

By Sharon "Sharon" (St Petersburg, FL), December 19, 2012


"The Two-Witness Rule"

I loved this novel! My interest is in legal thrillers and this one sets the bar pretty high for the others I've read. The best of Eleazer's three novels so far in my opinion. And I've read them all and they're all great ...before this I liked The Indictments best and before that I thought Savannah Law was the bomb. The characters are funny and smart (and by now I've become best friends with Juri the bartender and his dumb jokes)... I forgot about this being fiction! Got a bit wrapped up in it and read it in three nights. Got a little education in how trials work and really learned to hate a couple of the characters too. Highly recommended, great reading. For $2.99 I really felt like I got my money's worth with this book.

Sara S, August 11, 2015.

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